Who We Are

Attorney for wills in Misssouri.Hello, I am Brian Mense; the founder and lead attorney of Mense Law Firm, LLC. Here at Mense Law Firm, LLC we only handle estate planning, elder law, and long-term care planning.

I started Mense Law Firm, LLC partly because of my parents. You see, as my parents became older and started having health issues, I went looking for answers. I searched to find the best way to help my parents through the aging process.

In a quest to find these answers, I decided to help others who were in a similar situation.  With the support of my wife and two children, I returned to school to obtain my law degree from the University Of Dayton School Of Law.

Mense Law Firm, LLC is focused on the unique needs of adults. We sit down with you, ask questions, listen to what you say, and work with you and your family to find solutions that meet your needs.

Together with Denise, the Office Manager; Candace, Paralegal; Jennifer, Long Term Care Assistant; and Nicole, Office Assistant; we all work together to provide the solutions that no one else can.

Mense Law Firm, LLC is a family operation.  We consider our employees and clients to be part of our family.  While we are human, and face the same challenges as other families, we continuously strive to better ourselves and provide everyone with the care, attention, and support they deserve and need.

The most important point is we are absolutely dedicated to helping you find a solution to your problem and at the same time make a difficult or unpleasant situation something you can laugh about and at the same time as rewarding as possible.

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Attorney for wills in Misssouri.STAFF BIOS

Brian’s first career decision began with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of DeVry in Kansas City. After graduation, Brian worked for a couple of technology firms, working his way to a Regional Manager position. Then after the birth of Brian’s second child, Brian wanted to spend more time with his wife and two children. Brian and his wife then worked together managing real estate rental property and started a home repair business. After selling the repair business, Brian went back to school to obtain his law degree from the University of Dayton in two years and opened the law office after a short internship with Missouri Attorney General’s Office.


Attorney for wills in Misssouri.Taylor Leone was born and initially raised in St. Charles, Missouri and then moved to Union in 2009. Taylor is completing her Associate's degree at East Central College. Taylor became interested in working with us after helping her parents with their estate planning. Her attention to detail, and interest in helping others makes Taylor a great fit for our team. Taylor also loves horses.  When she is not going to school, or working at the office, she spends her time giving riding lessons, trail rides, and caring for the horses.

Candace Cederblade was born in Rockford, Illinois. Her parents moved to Warrenton when Candace was a child. After graduating from high school, Candace had a variety of interests but found the practice of law to be the most rewarding. She joined her first law firm in 2001. While there, Candace learned a variety of skills, including the importance of listening to clients. After working for eight years, Candace decided to change firms and joined Mense Law Firm. Candace is also a live-in caregiver for her parents, so she was the perfect choice for us because she understands the challenges associated with aging. She joined Mense Law Firm, LLC in July 2012.  Candace has an excellent work ethic; her intense desire to do what is best for clients and her ability to guide people makes her a valuable asset to our clients.

Attorney for wills in Misssouri.Denise Mense is the office manager. Denise and Brian were married in 1993, and have two daughters. Denise started out working for stock market brokerage firms. After Denise and Brian were married, Denise obtained her real estate agent and broker’s license. Denise worked as an agent and then managed a local real estate office for about three years before deciding to stay home with their first child. While staying at home, she developed and managed many real estate projects. Denise is the office manager for Mense Law Firm, LLC, manages the rental properties, and raising two wonderful daughters, Nicole and Paige.

Nicole Mense is the office assistant, and our oldest daughter. Currently Nicole is a high school Senior.  Her attention to detail and organization skills are a big plus in helping us with office tasks. Nicole is also very personable and is great with our clients. Soon she will heading off to college. She plans on pursing a college degree in Photography and Entrepreneurship.

Paige Mense, not to be out-done by her older sister, is our youngest daughter. She will be entering high school soon. Right now, her passion is basketball and hanging out with friends (thank goodness that does not include boyfriends, yet). Paige does help with some of the office tasks when her social calendar allows.

Attorney for wills in Misssouri.Finally, Rosie, our family dog. She was sad about not being included, so… While most dogs have a reputation of eating homework, rest assured she is well trained, she should not eat any of your paperwork.  If she does, it will be Paige’s job to fully investigate the situation. Paige does tend to the ‘crappy’ jobs at times.


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