Elder Law Services for Missouri

Mense Law Firm, LLC offers a variety of legal services centered around estate planning, elder law, and long-term care planning. Click on a topic to learn more.


Attorney for wills in Misssouri.

Basic Planning

Our Foundation Package contains the basic planning documents every person over the age of 18 should have.

Business Succession Planning

Plan for the future of your business if you are no longer able to run the business or you wish to sell your operations.

Estate Planning

Get your affairs in order for situations such as multiple marriages, tax consequences on IRAs, state mandated probate fees, potential medical expenses, long-term care needs and more.

Medicaid Planning

Navigate the confusion of Medicaid and Medicare with a knowledgeable attorney to protect your family's assets in the event someone has to enter a nursing home.


Probate is the legal process necessary to settle one's financial affairs after death. It's the first step in the process of administering the estate and includes resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person's property according to his/her will.

Special Needs Planning

Mense Law LLC can help you plan to meet the strict legal guidelines so that your special needs child(ren) will not lose current State or Federal benefits.

Trust Administration

Mense Law firm offers legal advice and assistance for those who have been appointed as trustee of a decedent's trust.


Creating a will is an important task and a seasoned, competent attorney from Mense Law is ready to assist you with the decisions that must be made for constructing a will document.

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