MO HealthNet (Medicaid) Planning

Medicaid has different programs, including a program that helps pays for long-term nursing home care. It is different from Medicare, which is a medical program for retirees, and it only pays for short-term skilled nursing home care during rehabilitation. In Missouri, the program is known as Mo HealthNet.

Attorney for wills in Misssouri.If someone is no longer able to stay at home or with family, they would enter a nursing home. Unfortunately, nursing homes are very expensive. In Missouri, the average cost is just under $5,000 a month, and can cost significantly more.

Because of the high cost of nursing home care, many people cannot afford to pay for it out-of-pocket. This is where Medicaid comes into play.

Medicaid has very strict rules that must be followed in order to qualify. The application process is time-consuming and can take months.

medicaid planning attorneyHowever, the benefit of having your loved one's nursing home care paid for by the State usually makes it worth going through the process. This takes a huge burden off the family.

Don't allow the complexity of the process keep you from applying. By having a knowledgeable attorney help you with the process, you will be able to help your loved one obtain the care they need and your family will have peace of mind.

With proper planning, there are ways to protect a family's assets in the event someone has to enter a nursing home.

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