Attorney for wills in Misssouri. Creating a will is an important task and having a competent attorney from Mense Law assist you in this process is a wise decision. A seasoned professional will help you sort through the next decisions that must be made before constructing a will document, such as

• Who will be the beneficiaries of your will and how to distribute property

• Who to appoint as guardians of minor children

• Who to name as the executor or personal representative of your will

Each of these decisions can have major repercussions in the lives of your family members and in the status of your estate, so our process takes many facets of these issues into consideration. For instance, you may want to weigh the cost saving of appointing a family member as the executor vs. the stress that it could add to your family.


When planning for the distribution of your estate, trust Mense Law Firm to help you navigate the legal issues involved.


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